Hardware & Applications Delivery
GWCT portfolio offers combinations of hardware products, application solutions and practices and is built through strategic alliances with Global Leaders in the IT Industry We are specialized in IT hardware solutions, including high-end servers, SAN, server farms, clouds, Networking, storage, backup solutions, workstations, laptops, PCs, VDIs, Language Labs, LMS, Active boards, projectors and printing solution. GWCT is the market leader in supply, installation and maintenance of Desktops and notebooks, supply hardware through frame agreements and leasing options for large corporate businesses in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GWCT also have software development, corporate website, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Application Development in iOS and Android, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, Content management system, ecommerce, VOIP, CCTV, Security Systems solutions.

We are partners with leading IT vendors and offering following products & services portfolio:
Servers, Storage, Racks, and Data center equipment’s
PCs, laptops, Monitors
All Type of printers (Laser, Multi-Function, Dot-matrix, Line printer, cheaq, office jet, Desk Jet, barcode, ID card, plotters)
All Type of scanners (documents, portable, Hand held, data collectors, 3 Dimension)
UPS and stabilizer
Security systems (cameras, DVRs, NVRs, storage)
Networking equipment’s (Routers, Load balancers, Racks, face plate, cables, patch panels, etc.)
Customer Visit Management® (CVM)
Queue Management System
Digital Signage System
Customer Feedback System
Intelligent Business Monitoring System
Self Service Kiosk Shops
eCommerce Solution
Learning Management System
Content Management System
Internet of Things (IoT)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Financial accounting, inventory & supply chain management
Digital Marketing and Creative Content Development
Website, Mobile Application design and development
Website, Mobile Application design and development
Penetration Testing, Server & Network security solutions
OLaying the foundation for next generation network based communication services.
Information Security
Delivering security consulting, systems integration and managed security services 24x7x365 Greenway delivers Information Security products and services through joint venture partnerships with global leaders in Information Security Services.
What are the reasons for the Corporation with the Green Approach Institution for communication and Information Technology?
Our concern is centered about the needs of the customers, companies with large projects, complex nature and multiple sites. We are aware of the nature of the demands of this category of customers and the importance of the infrastructure of( IT ).We are ready to provide our customers with the most sophesticated service. Our institution also provides the highest strategical partnership to excute the whole needs through one basic deal without adjustement with the others. This give them time to excute their business, provide money and time. From this perspective our clients trust the links of the digital institution and make them as a technical partner for the following reasons:
The expansion of the provided services, and the full outstanding coverage for all needs.
The Depth and the expansion of the skills field and resources.
The Speed in achieving business in addition to the quality of provided services.
The Flexibility and the quick of respond.
Customer Services Manageement.
Achieving business with the less expenses.
Providing all the client›s needs through the strategical partners.
The fast completion accompanied with the good quality.
Achieving business with suitable prices.
Desktop Computers
Dell Server
Dell networking and security Solutions
Apple , Samsung
Memory Modules
Idusterial Memory
SSD ( solid state drive )
Magi Card
Banks Requirements
Inventory Systems
Copiers Machines
NAS Storage